About Marina Aprovitola

About Marina Aprovitola | Architetto | marinaaprovitola.com

Graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, I have gained experience in interior and set-up design with an eye always attentive to the lighting project, an area in which I specialize thanks to collaborations with the GruppoC14 studio and the Panzeri company.

Light is the intangible matter of convergence of my design speculations. By its cyclical nature it contrasts with the static nature of the form, its main purpose is to animate it.
A perpetual dialogue is that between light, shadow and matter that penetrates the intimacy of the emotional field through the accent on a detail, the reflection of a wave, the transformation of the shadow.

I look at the interior design as the sum of mutually indispensable heterogeneous elements. Each is a counterweight to the other, each contributes to the creation of a harmonious whole.
I promote a holistic vision of living that considers the complexities of a dynamic perception of which I tirelessly record the relationships with the context and the internalized effects.

I deal with Project in the broadest sense of the term. Interiors, installations, events, graphic design, product design and above all lighting design.
I offer design and consulting services to individuals, companies and professionals.